About Us

DSC_4013 600pxSince 1964, Island Beauty has served three generations of women worldwide with a long lasting, all day make up range. With 50 years of beauty experience we provide rich colour results and a longevity of shade that loyal customers rely on. Starting in London with just 6 colours of lipstick Island Beauty has grown to a full compliment of 56 vibrant lipstick shades and 9 shades of compact powders to suit all dark skin tones.With a lipstick range filled with glistening metallic finishes, matte effects, pearlesque and deep wine shades. With Pure Pinks for Summer, Violet Orchids for Autumn, Black Raspberry for Winter, and True Reds for Spring, Island Beauty has a colour for all seasons.Combined with our durable compact powder that doesn’t smother skin, and evens out tone for a smooth, consistent flawless look, erasing imperfections and enhancing your exotic nature.The iconic white and gold casing has been established world wide as a mark of a quality make up brand, who pride themselves on offering an all day long lasting long colour, for a consistently low price.It takes 50 years of experience, to make a true Island Beauty.